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Coco-Chanel Jonez is building a fierce empire as a Believer, Fitness Professional, Fitness Brand Expert & Marketer, Social Media Coordinator, Personality, Host, and Speaker. You can find her networking in Atlanta, hiking Stone Mountain, traveling Georgia for her clients, or connecting with friends and fans on social media.


Her mission is to increase the Health & Wealth of Fitpreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and Career Professionals that serve God’s Kingdom. How? By helping men and women understand the purpose of building stronger bodies, stronger minds, and building endurance in  their legacy!

As a believer, Coco-Chanel, has made it her respectful duty to create impact through purpose. Her career started in the health and fitness industry as a fitness leader and instructor. With ten years of experience, she's helped over a thousand people reach their health and fitness goals through her personal and online training programs. Her creative, motivational, and unique online presence formed the recognition she receives today as The Mademoiselle. Her Brand embodies empowerment and is inclusive to all believers trying to create and leave a legacy for the good of people. Coco-Chanel's energy and passion is an infectious force many adore and appreciate to experience working with.

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More than a trainer, Nicole Hairston’s life purpose is to help people SWITCH their mindset and create the ENERGY they need to reach their life and body goals. Her mix of inspirational coaching, high energy workouts and nutrition guidance has helped many clients get the results the want and build the confidence they need to thrive in all that they do. 

She is also an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner who helps restore the health of patients as well. During her 14 years of caring for sick patients she has learned how valuable health and life really is and she is committed to helping others prevent disease and restore their health through her training programs and fun fitness classes. Her training career was sparked by her own struggles with health, anxiety and depression. After committing to her own  fitness regimen and sharing it with others she not only looked and felt better but realized how important it is to be intentional getting fit and taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit.